Monday, November 3, 2014

6 thousand views!!! & welcome back!

It has been a long time since I last posted on my blog. Two days ago, a friend e-mailed me saying that she has read the posts on my blog and she thinks they are authentic and enjoyable to read. This plus the six thousand views I have noticed on my counter (which is a good record I think for a relatively new blog) encourage me to write more posts in the coming days/weeks/hours. Many things, events and encounters have happened in my life (now imagine yourself by the seaside looking at the distance) that I would like to report them here, in my so-called "best friend"! From a book signing by a famous and great author, to travels in tiny and beautiful cities; to a group about mental health I attended recently; to a panel discussion about sign language in a popular sociolinguistics conference I went to a couple of months ago. "Well, get ready". Together we will travel through time back and forth. Who ever said it is late to write about anything? "Me"? I have always enjoyed being here.
And get ready for my coming "brand new" posts! "Stay in tune".

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